CNHEO and Advocacy

Advocacy was identified as a key need for further development of the health education
profession in the CNHEO report “Marketing the Health Education Profession – Knowledge,
Attitudes and Hiring Practices of Employers”  Advocacy is a critical competency of the health
education specialist and an essential strategy in profession-wide efforts to foster
improvements in individual and population health in all settings. The World Health
Organization defines advocacy for health as a combination of individual and social actions
designed to gain political commitment, policy support, social acceptance, and systems for a
particular health goal or program.  Building effective political alliances with Congressional
representatives and other policymakers is critical to strengthen and expand the resource base
for behavioral/social sciences research, health education programs and practice, professional
preparation in health education, and workforce employment.

By 1998, the CNHEO developed a core advocacy agenda to speak with one voice on priority
issues and legislation related to Health Education and that same year the first Health
Education Advocacy Summit occurred in Washington, D.C.

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